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945 Studios

Chocolate Shop Website

A timeless modern chocolate shop website

Sweetlane Chocolate Shop is a Vandergrift-Based hand made chocolate shop.

Built in 4 weeks
$ $ $ $ $

$ $ $ $


Sweetlane Chocolate Shop a long-established chocolate factory  known for its 75 years of mastery in crafting exquisite Handcrafted Chocolates, Ice Cream, Milkshakes, Malts and Custom Gifts, dedicated to delighting the Kiski Valley area with high-quality treats.

Sweetlane Chocolate Shop

A classic chocolate bar from Sweetlane Chocolate Shop
The new logo redesign for Sweetlane Chocolate Shop logo

945 Studios developed a brand new logo along with selecting a new font, keeping a classic look while adding a modern touch.

Refining the Brand

Sweetlane now boasts versatile modern web design that's responsive across all devices, ensuring easy access for customers to discover their offerings, experience a 3D view of their shop, and explore their 75 years of chocolate mastery with seamless convenience.

The new Sweetlane website and how its displayed on all devices made by 945 Studios

We've crafted distinct Facebook advertisements that catch the eye. From those designed to showcase the vibrant community to others emphasizing specific product offerings.


As part of Sweetlane's web design journey, 945 Studios captured and refined a comprehensive library of 200+ photos and videos. Our skilled editing team transformed these assets, removing inconsistencies and fashioning cohesive brand resources that serve the website, advertising, and streamlined e-commerce integration.

A secondary display of the new sweetlane website by 945 Studios on all devices

With Sweetlane's upgraded site, they are now equipped with a robust and seamlessly integrated e-commerce backend. Creating a smoother online shopping experience, streamlined inventory and product management.

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